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The Chroma Absolu Coloured Hair Conditioner is a strengthening conditioner designed for colour-treated hair. This deep conditioner for coloured hair penetrates the hair's core for stronger strands, extra hydrating and preserved colour vibrancy. Discover the Chroma Absolu Conditioner and never compromise your coloured hair again.

Fondant Cica Chroma 200ml

  • The Chroma Absolu deep conditioner for coloured hair targets many concerns those with coloured hair faces. Its powerful yet lightweight formula leaves hair smoother without being weighed down, ideal for fine to medium hair types. 
    The Chroma Absolu Cica Chroma is an amino acid conditioner that penetrates to the core of the hair to fill porosity, hydrate hair and strengthen from within. 
    This Chroma Absolu Conditioner protects hair from hard water-stripping properties during the shower to protect hair colour while also preserving colour vibrancy.