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Bain Divalent is a shampoo to treat oily roots & help regulate the overproduction of sebum. It cleanses & purifies the scalp, while the hair fibre is treated to regain softness and shine.

Kérastase Specifique Balancing Shampoo 250ml

  • Ideal fr oily scalps, rebalance and clarify your scalp without damaging your hair.

    • Clears away oil and dirt to promote healthy oil production and hair growth.
    • Improves scalp health, in turnimproving hair health.
    • Unique formula allowing a gentle cleanse, minimising drying or negative effects on the hair to avoid protectial damage.
    • Vitamin B6 works to rebalnce the oil production in the scalp, minimising irration, dullness, loss of vitality, loss of hair health, and buildup that can occur as a result of an overactive production of sebrum.
    • Glycerin acts as a gentle cleansing agent, sweeping away oil while maintaining healthy, shiny hair.